CCA Recommends Hugh Palcic for Oregon Senate District 28 

CCA 2020 Election Newsletter Series
CCA Recommends Hugh Palcic for Oregon Senate District 28
Another exciting election on the table this year is the one for Oregon Senate District 28 between Hugh Palcic, who is our current East Cascades OLCC Commissioner, and Senator Dennis Linthicum. Getting Commissioner Palcic into a senate position would be a really great advancement for cannabis politics not only here locally, but on a state and national level as well.  The CCA Board has always appreciated his contribution to the cannabis space in his role at OLCC and we were really excited to learn more about why he is running.


You have been a supporter of cannabis and fair and workable policy going way back to when the County was first considering opting out of cannabis business… What made you decide to support the cannabis industry and become an OLCC Commissioner? 
As I see it, Oregonians have spoken in the affirmative on this industry. Additionally, as a crop, cannabis should not be denied its ‘right to farm.’ As to my service as an OLCC Commissioner, it was another way to contribute as a citizen and make a difference.What roles and experience do you have that have led you to become the Democrat Candidate running for Oregon Senate District 28? 
Several past experiences and education have all prepared me for this position. I hold a  B.A. in Political Science from Marist College, where I also interned for a New York State Senator. My 7 years as GM of the community of Sunriver also prepared me for the senate seat. Additionally, my two terms on the Deschutes County Planning Commission, as well as serving on the board of the Bethlehem Inn homeless shelter have helped shape how I approach public service.

What are your main goals if elected to this position?

  • Reverse the high unemployment, key goals for digging out District 28 were: Prior to the pandemic, the call for social justice, and now the devastating wildfires, my
  • Invest in our infrastructure (especially for rural broadband and renewable energy)
  • Address affordable housing. Of course, the immediate challenges before us will also need to be tackled as well. That’s why we need solid leadership representing our district now more than ever.

Is there anything else you want to let our readers know? 
This has been one tough year. Just know we are going to get through this as long as we  work together.

How can our readers support you? 
Probably the best approach would be for readers to visit my campaign website first From that, I would ask that they help us by sharing our campaign with their friends and family. Everything from requesting a lawn sign to submitting a letter to the editor in support of our campaign is greatly appreciated.

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